For more than 10 years we have been developing websites, and graphic design.

In 2000 we created the first website, in 2006 we registered the company, and in 2009 we obtained the rights to the trademark Brightmedia®. During the last five years we’ve added to our portfolio about hundred works for more than 30 clients. Our team solves complex problems and creates interesting effective projects. A serious approach to every detail helps us to implement high-quality design and to develop convenient high-tech sites for various business sectors.
We are proud of our projects, which help our customers around the world

Before starting the project we communicate closely with the client, delve into the peculiarities of his business. We explain the goals and objectives for future works together. Detailed technical tasks help us to take finished projects in time, thanks to the fact that all participants in the process understand the final result.

The main goal of Brightmedia® is the creation of products that contribute to a positive image of our customers, increase sales and promote the correct positioning. We improve with every new work; we strive to acquire new knowledge, to introduce new technologies and approaches in work.
We are recommended. Satisfied customers with pleasure share the results of our work with their partners and friends.
Аccumulated experience in such media industries as graphic design, audio and video production allows us to use the full range of modern technologies in the creation of websites, presentations and advertising communications.

At each stage of the project, regardless of its size,
we provide control of quality and performance.
70% of our customers are large businesses: engineering, telecommunications, construction, finance